Demystify your current network to begin the journey towards your winning network.


NETDAIS discovers, documents and evaluates the efficiency in all aspects of your current network. This includes: Physical, Switching, Routing, Wireless, Security, Management and more!

NETDAIS’ Audits deliver clean precise documentation (Diagrams, IP Spreadsheets, Rack Elevations) and summaries that demystify your network- a roadmap to a winning network! An audit can be performed onsite, remotely or a combination of the two.

A NETDAIS network audit will:

  • Diagnose the resiliency and redundancy of your network
  • Identify problem areas
  • Identify ways to reduce capital and operational costs
  • Establish the capability of your network to support current and new applications

In addition to our Audit Services, NETDAIS provides Remediation Services.

A NETDAIS network remediation will:

  • Provide rectification tasks for problems identified in the network audit
  • Identify potential projects that will improve your network
  • Reduce capital and operational costs
  • Implement remediation tasks

Already have an Audit, we can perform remediation tasks.

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